Mike Golden spoke recently with El Diario.es, a Spanish online news organization, about employers requiring COVID vaccines for employees returning to work.  The article was written in Spanish, but Golden’s comments are summarized here in English:


The article itself discusses the EEOC’s guidance that employers may (subject to accommodation obligations under the ADA and Title VII) require employees to be vaccinated prior to returning to the office (or other worksite). New York based reporter Sarah Yáñez-Richards quotes Golden on the assorted practical implications:


  • The decision of most employers to require the vaccine or not is driven at least as much by practical considerations as legal ones. Employers are concerned that such requirements could push away either customers or even workers at a time when both are at a premium
  • Despite the EEOC’s general guidance that vaccine requirements are permissible, large employers with presences in multiple states may find themselves facing different local legal requirements depending on where employees work
  • Ultimately, though, with a few legal restrictions, these are decisions that employers are going to have the freedom to make

The text of the full article on El Diario can be found here.

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