Boulette Golden & Marin L.L.P. partners Jason Boulette and Laura Merritt will both address the UT CLE 28th Annual Technology Law Conference on Friday, May 22nd.

Laura Merritt’s presentation, entitled “Coffee Shop Office Blues: Legal Issues for a Mobile Workforce” is scheduled for 1:50 pm and will cover the legal issues implicated by today’s co-working, power-commuting, remote office-using mobile workforce, including IP ownership, company property protection, confidentiality preservation, and wage and hour concerns.

Jason Boulette will present “Protecting Trade Secrets While Hiring from the Competition” at 2:20pm, analyzing the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act and its effect on theft of trade secret claims, with in-depth discussion of techniques for minimizing the likelihood of suit and maximizing the probability of success when hiring key talent from direct competitors. Mr. Boulette will explore the requirements of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct as they relate to dealing with unrepresented and represented executives while they are still working for the competitor and during any litigation that ensues following their departure.

Both presentations are eligible for CLE credit. Additional information>>>