Our very own Jason Boulette has thrown his hat in the ring as a potential speaker at the SXSW 2019 conference. SXSW is using a voting process as one of their criteria for final selection, known as the Panel Picker.

If you are so inclined, please let SXSW 2019 know that you think he’d contribute to a strong line-up. Note that you will have to sign in or create an SXSW account. If that’s a deal-breaker, no worries. Otherwise, we would truly appreciate the support. Community voting will be live August 6 – August 30


Jason’s topic for this year’s submission is both innovative and educational.

Cannabusiness and the Gig Economy – The gig engagement model is perfectly suited to address the delivery needs of Cannabusinesses taking root in the United States, offering on-demand flexibility and responsiveness with virtually no overhead. At the same time, payment systems built around mobile devices and secure QR code processing are positioned to corner the greenspace pot payment processing market, as bank-based payment systems are forced to watch from the sidelines as a result of federal law. Indeed, experiences in early adopting states suggest a reliable, responsive, delivery network capable of processing consumer transactions at the point of delivery will be mission critical for Cannabusinesses to thrive and survive in those states that choose to legalize marijuana.

Jason would like for attendees to takeaway three particular key points:

  1. How cannabusiness will affect the gig economy
  2. The intersection of state policy on gig workers and state policy on cannabusiness
  3. What alternative payment systems mean for local and state governments


Jason Boulette SXSW 2019

Jason Boulette SXSW 2019

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