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“They get the job done.”

“…they are uniquely positioned, with small firm responsiveness but big firm qualifications.  And they partner extremely well with other firms. ”

“[Boulette Golden & Marin] … walked us through a recent arbitration issue with expertise and practical solutions, and provided engaging and memorable training.”

“[Boulette & Golden is] …like a hot little spinoff ; they deliver high quality service more economically… they helped us grow the company from the beginning and are not just an external service, but trusted advisers over time.  They educated me on how to be a better client. I’m not hesitant to call on little issues including ethical ones; it’s a real partnership.”

“Knowledgeable, available, pragmatic, congenial and resourceful;  you’re given options and you’re given them quickly. ”

01 Apr 2013

Highly skilled lawyers with competitive rates … they think outside the box.”

01 Apr 2013

“Accessible when I need them, have given me historically accurate advice and are reasonably priced for the market.”

“At the end of the day, they are some of the best labor employment lawyers in the State. I am completely confident in the advice [they] give me. Whenever I need to get a hold of them for employment issues, they will be there.  They get it;  they will tell me what the law is and will give us strategic options as well.  They make my job a lot easier; I don’t have to translate what they say and come up with strategic options.  I have a level of comfort I don’t have with other outside counsel. ”

01 Apr 2013

“They have information that is relevant, helpful and accurate.”

01 Apr 2013

“Communication … is crisp, clean, practical, contextual.   Law grounded in business. ”

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